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I’ve been riding a high lately. Reading good books, trying new fitness classes, catching up with old friends, savoring fresh fruit, upping my saturated fat intake, saying yes to vitamin supplements, watching less dramatic TV and more Seinfeld re-runs, dreaming of the future, surviving, breathing deeply.

I have been inspired to share more on certain topics here in this space and for you all and I hope you will stay tuned for those thought-purging moments. They will include things like a recap of the fermentation festival I attended outside Santa Barbara last weekend, a guide for shopping farmers markets and avoiding the scams, monthly challenges, and other hush-hush things that are still developing. All these pieces of excitement are bursting to come out of me and I keep telling myself, Patience. Five DEEP breaths.  Besides, these posts take a good chunk of time for me to curate (in true Bre style) and I have to have some boundaries for myself!


I must have found this photo years ago and stuck it in this music box from my grandma. It must have traveled with me from Iowa to Colorado and back. I must have unpacked it upon my arrival in California. And yet it has remained elusive to me, probably because I don’t have much necessity for a tiny music box… I must have recovered it from the back of the closet a few days ago, and upon seeing it thought, These are the founders of the Bad Kid empire. Like we would ever want to be part of an empire, but day after day I am more and more ready for the family business to begin. Look at us toothless and cookie-scarfing. We were destined for this.


By now you’ve seen me work my way around a handful of split peas. Here they are again, boiled and blended, topped with fried green onions, dulse flakes, and a scoop of coconut oil. I’ve started to think of “well-balanced meals” as including a scoop of fat and a dollop of fermented foods. I’m still working on the ferments, but the fat proved to be a non-issue.


Market oranges, figs, grapes, strawberries. Turmeric tonic recovery drink, again.   Dollop of coconut oil, again.


Have you all been keeping up with Laura Miller? If not, I’ve been doing a poor job spreading the word about my girl-crush. Shoot! I’ve been eagerly awaiting her cookbook from the library (finally came yesterday!) and even convinced my boss at the deli to invest in it. Laura makes short cooking videos about raw vegan foods and that is how I first fell in love with her bouncy curls and earthy vocal tones. Now she’s created this youtube segment, Talking in Circles, which resonates with a homegirl so much! Unrequited lesbian love affair aside, I’ve been looking to people like Laura for advice on handling the big A monster. I posted this reminder in my bedroom and it’s usually one of the first things I see upon waking, when it is most vital.


I came home from the fermentation festival to this display on the kitchen table. Jared did all the market shopping this week because I was…preoccupied…and he did a bang-up job.


Love a good food festival, and one centered on ancient food and medicine traditions is worth the $$$$ even on a tight budget. Got to make some things, meet some people, spend a day in the sunshine, breathe into my whole being. Came home with these goodies. More on the festival in a later post.


I offered Dante a sample of the water kefir ferment I took home from the festival. He’s always curious about the scents and functions of “people food” but rarely ever eats anything we offer him. He was all over this, though!


This was inspired by that oat cacao shake I presented in the previous post and Meghan Telpner’s morning elixir from a video post about fat fat FAT for breakfast. I drank about a third of this before thinking, Oh, my gosh, I am so full! It sustained me until I had to convince myself to have a late lunch while I was still at work surrounded by free food. The next morning I went back to finish it and it was solid! Well…more like a very dense mousse. It lasted me another two breakfasts. If you trust my recall abilities, an actual recipe follows. Just blend. Refrigerate for thicker pudding/mousse.

1 tbsp cacao powder | 1/3 cup canned coconut milk | 1/3 cup water | 3 tbsp oats | 1 tsp maca powder | 10 cashews | 1 tbsp coconut shreds


Sometimes, if you’re passionate about eating fresh, local foods, you have to move where those foods are abundant. Thank you to tree-ripened California oranges for bringing the citrus back to my life!


SPRING ROLLS: My version of a “salad.” I still think it requires a lot of ingredients but it’s so fresh! Dipped in umeboshi sauce. Stuffed with the following.

Cabbage | kale | mushrooms | carrots | cucumber | oranges | red pepper | marinated + baked tofu


We’ve remained loyal to our market strawberries, which means we went a couple weeks without when all we could find were conventionally-grown, chemical laden berries. Jared brought these home this week so you can find us hovering over the stove dipping them into melted chocolate.


I saw a concept for a breakfast porridge using coconut instead of oatmeal and thought I might try it out.  The above result is made without egg or banana (the options provided in the original recipe) and I made mine chocolate, of course, by adding cacao powder. It is NOT for people who don’t like oatmeal because it’s mushy. I mean, I didn’t hate it. It’s just textured. That’s a dollop of peanut butter (HEY, FAT FRIEND).  Anyway, I would not necessarily call it your new breakfast staple, but I wanted to share it with you anyway so you get a good idea of the crazy things I am willing to eat even when the recipe doesn’t exactly pan out…




I love to make fake out – essentially homemade meals that taste like take out. I stir-fried an assortment of veg (leftover from the spring rolls) and added a savory sauce which makes it feel more guilt-laden than it actually is. The sauce is a quick blend of soy sauce or aminos, coconut milk, rice vinegar, and about a tablespoon of arrowroot powder. Add it at the last minute just before removing the vegetables from heat. It thickens quickly.


A quick breakfast hash with the vegetables around. Served with a fried egg and avocado. We’ve been trying out ghee lately and there is a LOT in this dish.

Potatoes | red pepper | cherry tomatoes | kale | chili powder | hot sauce


Okay, the Academy released the first module today and I am geeking out over here because


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