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We experienced our first California fires this month.  It’s crazy.  This is the view from our apartment of the first fire that broke out on the air force base nearby.  I guess fire number four began this week.  There was a day where the whole town was ashy.  I wrote home:
“You’ll be terrified to know that it smells like bonfire all over town and the ash has started raining down on our heads.”  The residue has since subsided, sort of.


We escaped the flames by heading to the beach.  It was this grey; no filter.  It’s so fun to watch Dante in novelty experiences, what ardent fervor.  (Is that redundant?  It sounds nice.)  I wish we could all go that wild over pieces of sweet existence.  Even when they involve this massive waving body, chasing us up the beach, harboring unseen mystique in its depths.  I increasingly feel wired to fear, but I’m watching the dog for cues to to the contrary.

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CREAMSICLE SMOOTHIE: It’s not your mama’s orange creamsicle.  Er, should I say, my mama’s, because that’s where I got the inspiration.  In true Bre fashion, I didn’t have any of the ingredients hers called for so I found everything in my cupboards that would turn this thing orange.  It was pretty damn tasty.  Enough that I made it two days in a row.

1 cup full fat coconut milk | 2 carrots | 2 oranges | 1 tsp cinnamon | 1 tsp turmeric | pinch black pepper


Finally hunted down what seem to be the last of summer’s strawberries.  Let them ripen on the counter (what we didn’t immediately inhale) and cooked them down.  Stirred in honey to sweeten.


I tried out an amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Santa Barbara last weekend with a new friend, post paddle boarding.  WHAT?  Yes, it’s true.  I was afloat on a board at sea.  It was at once frightening and liberating and I can’t wait to do it again.  Above, vegan baklava and ice cream.


After catching up with a friend this week, I realized just how lazy/cheap I’ve become in regards to food.  She and I used to cook together all the time in Denver and constantly created unique and flavorful recipes from scratch.  I’ve really let myself go, so to speak.  The Academy had us make curry powder from scratch, and I drove 40 minutes to a health food store to source bulk herbs and spices for the project.  Hopefully, being required to follow recipes exactly will remind me how spot-on meals can be when all the essential ingredients are present and accounted for.


Someone’s in the kitchen with Dante 🙂


SPRING ROLLS: Typical.  I’m pretty sure he just wants to be close enough to get a good whiff, as he never wants to eat “people food” that isn’t peanut butter.

Saute: cabbage | carrots | celery | onion | rice


I found organic macarons at the far away health foods store and sent thanks to the greater Universe.  I’m OBSESSED with these delicate cookies.

Clockwise: pistacchio | chocolate | lavender | coffee


He might be camera shy, but I mostly interpret it as bored judgment.  I try to capture his sous chef-ness because I feel I cannot be the only one in the world to experience the amazingness of the eager cross-eyed kiddo who, one day, may learn the hard way how gas stoves actually work…  Here we are making french toast for a birthday boy.


An orange-infused breakfast treat from Brooklyn Supper to celebrate the beginning of year 23 for my roommate and brother and friend.


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  1. The combination of your words and your pictures portrays a sophisticated innocence. I know…the dichotomy…breathless. Thanks for revealing yourself to the world. You are a beautiful spirit.


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