bad apples (in the best way)

I couldn’t wait to bring you these photos.  This is my Christmas.  This is my zoo; my “What do you want to do today?”  My candy store.


Apple picking is extra special for me this year.  The last two seasons in Colorado have been wrought with failed crops.  The last time I went was senior year of college with two of my very best friends and it was a day of magic and wonder: my cheeks were sore from grinning so widely and my tongue sickly sweet from the ensuing gut rot of a dozen apples consumed right off the tree.  We are now making our own traditions as self-sustaining adults, and we’re quickly finding we sidestep anything “cute” in favor of everything practical.  So this autumn, I doubt we’ll scrounge together Halloween costumes and we definitely won’t be carving GMO field pumpkins.  But we have forty pounds of apples to tide us over for the winter, and that’s better than fun-sized candy bars from strangers, I think.

If this post sends you googling for your nearest orchard and clearing out the crisper drawers in your fridge, or at the very least reminds you that October is about more than just pumpkins (though they rock , too), I will be goofily grinning like a toddler over here with sticky apple juice everywhere.

Please be mindful to find an organic orchard and to always purchase organic apples.  According to the Environmental Working Group (creators of the most helpful list of Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen), apples are the second-most sprayed produce (behind Jared’s favorite strawberries) with 47 pesticides in one bite and, contrary to what I always believed, you can’t just rinse it off.  If you want that apple-a-day to work for you, support sustainable growing practices.  You’ll see way more nutrition benefits (like improving digestion, fighting free radicals, reversing anemia, and managing diabetes) in apples that had to fend for themselves in the open orchard!

Now: a seemingly endless supply of orchard photos you didn’t know you needed to see. Coming soon: lots of pie, fruit leather, apple butter, and plain old sliced apples with our new favorite honey roasted peanut butter.


We also visited a “pumpkin patch” that was crawling with children and intelligent animals.  We picked up those pie pumpkins (above) to roast and puree for pumpkin pie (duh!) and other yet untold treats.  We couldn’t quite justify purchasing decorative pumpkins at this point in our independent lives.  We started the conversation about whether or not we’ll get a Christmas tree (since the Bad Kid clan will be convening in California for Christmas this year (!), we will).  The sky was amazing on Sunday, as you can see.   It’s been “Hot-tober” on the Central Coast and I am loving it.



  1. One of tbe sweetest joys of my life is seeing your personality jump off tbe written page. Your eye for capturing the moment in pics is equally enjoyable.


  2. One of tbe sweetest joys of my life is seeing your personality jump off tbe written page. Your eye for capturing the moment in pics is equally enjoyable.


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