plant life


I am trying to energize our space.  There’s an incredible limbo in a life without strings.  I’m attached to so little.  That kind of freedom is like feet dangling over a ledge; if you scoot any farther forward you’ll fall off.  Who knows what’s at the bottom?  And let me be clear: it’s not necessarily a negative thing.  It’s just that there are so many unknowns.  And I’m nothing if not transparent.  I do not do well with unknowables.

Are we still authentic if we have to constantly remind ourselves of our life motto?  I like simple, slow living.  I like adventure and exploration.  I like home-cooking and good books.  I like nutrition and long walks in the sunshine.  Sometimes my breath shifts slightly and it feels like I’m losing ground and can’t remember if I’ve been living every day of my life to satisfaction.  Often times, it’s after a moment of drama – or what my dear mother would call “life, happening” – but in my head I think I’ve been pushed off the ledge and I try to find anything to grip onto to crawl back up.  And I mow the grass and trim the hedges and set out plants to stretch toward the sun.  I talk to people like I’ve known them forever, and life, inevitably, goes on.


  1. Part of the drama lately was finally getting this print on the wall.  Ever since I saw it on The Gourmet Print Shop, I knew it was right for me: the visual expression of my internal religion.  The tough part was finding people to support my vision; people who would listen to what I wanted and work with me to bring it to life.  After the first failed print job and multiple attempts to find an in-tact white wooden frame, I was feeling disheartened.  Then the universe brought in some serious kindness and now this print brings serious magic to our home.
  2. After more person-to-person drama, I decided I needed to seek out some plant friends.  They breathe life into our space when we forget it’s possible.  
  3. And so the kitchen, with it’s blazing afternoon rays, is the new home of these sprightly and inspiring plants.
  4. And then I was inspired to bring food life into the home after a trip to (quite sparse) local farmers market.  It’s more like a highly-curated row of sellers, and on this particular day there was only one veg lady, so I bought her lot.  I’m not particularly fond of food prep because I like flowing with my daily inspiration and never want food to be a chore.  But sometimes you just need to wash and prep your greens!  And while they dry, you might as well roast a spaghetti squash and steam some beet roots and cook down some organic butter into ghee.  
  5. More living things: my new sourdough starter is getting its time in the sun with this super stack of spelt pancakes. 
  6. Not only is plant life coming in to bring energy into our space, I’m also trying to liven up our walls.  We are both homebodies so anything that can inspire us in this place is important.  Everything speaks to us; everything moves us one way or another; and the things that make up our home should make the best of us.

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