teeny tiny


I drove myself up to San Luis Obispo yesterday because I have this thing – this condition – where I need to be on the road. I have a history of cabin fever. On multiple occasions when I was living in Colorado, I would sneak into my car and pull onto the interstate, and off again when it felt right. There was never a destination other than anywhere but where I was before; anything but stagnant. I’d remember little shops I wanted to find; I’d frantically search for French bakeries and vista points. In Chicago, I didn’t have a car, so I would get on the L and ride until I got claustrophobic. Then I would get off and walk until I got hungry. I don’t usually pack snacks so I’ll have every excuse to eat at new-to-me places wherever I end up. I’ve only been living in this small California town for about five months, and certainly have not seen everything there is to see here. But the smallness settles in quickly and gives the illusion that I have.


It’s probably going to be a while before I give myself a break for not ADVENTURING more. I mean, I adventure all the time.  I suppose it’s all relative; I find just as much discovery and exhilaration roasting a whole eggplant over an open flame on the gas range in my tiny apartment as I do at the top of a mountain.  More even, because the results are edible!


But listen: my biggest accomplishment this week was finally purchasing a pair (two!) of jeans that actually fit me. My biggest hurdle is figuring out how to hang this new frame with those bastardly little command strips that don’t seem to want to stick to my walls. My second biggest challenge is trying to overcome the constant craving for donuts that’s been riding strong seemingly since I moved out here (so random!). I tried to make some myself, but they need serious work. At least the homemade chocolate glaze was top notch.  And they’re cute as a button!